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Link Together Initiatives - Major Project Fund

Application Details for Major Project Fund
Major Project Fund supports projects with innovative service concepts to fill service gaps in society. The fund supports the specific areas of:
  1. a) Resources Management that supports conservation and sustainable development
    b) Youth Empowerment that empower youth for a better future
    c) Active Ageing that promotes active living of seniors

Charitable organisations that are registered with IR88 status are invited to apply for grants to provide services to the Hong Kong community within the above three focus areas. Link contributes an amount up to 0.25% of its net property income from the previous financial year to the Initiatives, and the maximum that can be awarded to any one organisation is 30% of the total funds granted. Applying organisations with track record of organising related or similar programmes will be given priority consideration.

Eligibile Applicants
Basic eligibility criteria for applicants includes:
  • • Must be a charitable organisation registered under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap 112);
    • Must operate in Hong Kong and provide charitable services to residents living in communities adjacent to the properties of Link;
    • Board or Executive Committee members of the applicant organisation must not be a Connected Person (as defined in the Hong Kong Code on Real Estate Investment Trusts) of Link; and,
    • Must not propose projects that have the sole or dominant purpose of promoting a particular political event/campaign or a specific religious event.
  • • Must start the project during October 2018. Funding allows implementation of the project
Selection Criteria
Proposed projects will be evaluated on:
  Match with one or more of the focus areas
  Ability to address a social need with innovative solutions
  Sustainability of the community project
  Potential to leverage the properties, tenant network and employee volunteers of Link
  Track record of the applicant in providing the proposed or similar services
  Use of funds in an appropriate and cost-effective manner
  Methods used to evaluate the success of the project, such as Total Impact Calculation on investment to evaluate and quantify the value
Please note:  
• Proposals seeking funding for the recurrent operating costs, conferences, annual meetings, endowments, advertising campaigns and/or fundraising projects of the applicant organisation will not be considered.
• Proposals that include requests for project-related administrative costs will only be considered if the administrative costs
account for no more than 10% of the funding requested.
Procedures and Submission
Organisation MUST complete and submit the online application, together with ALL related documents listed below, on or before 5pm on 7 May 2018 (Monday). Late applications and insufficient documents will not be considered.
File format should be in doc, xls or pdf.  File size of each document should not exceed 5MB.  Total file size should not exceed 60MB.

A) PDF file of the pre-set Declaration by Applicant Organisation form signed by Authorised Person of your organisation with company chop. (Click here to download the pre-set declaration form).


B) A Project Budget Sheet drafted by applicant organisation including the following details: project name, organisation and service unit names, detailed breakdown of expenses, project income (if applicable), applicant organisation’s contribution (if applicable), Government subsidy (if applicable), etc. 


C) A Project Proposal drafted by applicant organisation (no more than 10 pages of A4 paper) including the below details:

  1. 1. Project name
    2. Details of the applicant organisation, service unit and Authorised Person
    3. Project objective and description
    4. Type and number of beneficiaries
    5. Districts / areas served
    6. Activities plan
    7. Project insurance coverage
    8. Implementation schedule
    9. Opportunities to leverage on Link’s properties, volunteers and tenant’s network
    10. Anticipated
    results, performance measurement indicators and evaluation method
    11. Sustainability plan
D) Other related documents:
  1. 1. Organisation’s certificate of incorporation or registration document under the relevant ordinance(s);
    2. Certificate of charity status registered under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap.112);
    3. Public Liability Insurance documents and terms;
    4. A set of the latest year audited accounts or certified latest management accounts;
    5. List of Board members and Executive Committee members;
    6. Constitution details;
    7. Organisation structure; and
    8. Attachments or supplementary information of the project (if any).

Terms and Conditions



​The applicant organisation must be a charitable organisation that is registered under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap. 112). 


​The applicant organisation must operate in Hong Kong providing charitable services to residents living in communities adjacent to the properties of Link. 


​Board or Executive Committee members of the applicant organisation must not be a Connected Person (as defined in the Hong Kong Code on Real Estate Investment Trusts) of Link. 


​The applicant organisation must not propose projects that have the sole or dominant purpose of promoting a particular political event/campaign or a specific religious event. 


​The Project of this application submitted by the applicant organisation does not receive funding(s) from other organisation(s) (not including applicant organisation’s contribution and Government subsidy). 


​The information provided in the application form, project proposal and other related documents by the applicant organisation are true and accurate.  


​Grantees shall start their projects in October 2018. The funding will allow implementation of the project for one year to a maximun of three years


​About Spending for Link Together Initiatives Projects

8.1  Each Grantee shall spend based on the budgeted items and amount in the Grant Agreement.

8.2  During the procurement process, to ensure quotations, competitive bids and proposals are considered in a fair and objective manner, as a standard practice, personnel involved in the selection and evaluation processes should declare their interests to ensure transparency. Any declaration of interest should be reported in a form and enclosed in the report to Link.

8.3  Grantees must return to Link any unused funds within three months of the project’s completion. 


​About Acknowledgement of Link in Promotional and Publicity Materials for Link Together Initiatives Projects

9.1  The Project Grantee shall acknowledge Link and/or Link Together Initiatives in all publicity materials related to the approved Project as well as in other marketing collateral of the Grantee such as annual reports, corporate websites, videos, etc. The Grantee must follow the logo identity guidelines provided by Link.

9.2  The Grantee shall seek approval from Link for the promotional and publicity materials bearing the logos at least ten working days before confirming production.  


About Link Together Initiatives Project’s Publicity Plan and Media Handling

10.1  The Grantee shall provide the publicity plan for the Project and any updates on the plan to Link for reference.

10.2  The Grantee shall mention Link and/or Link Together Initiatives in the press materials and share the materials with Link as far as practicable before any Project-related media activities (e.g. issuing press releases, giving press interviews, contributing articles to the press) are held.

10.3  The Grantee shall inform Link of media enquiries received in relation to the Project and provide the line-to-take to Link for reference.

10.4  The Grantee is advised to provide news clipping reports to Link for information.

10.5  The Grantee shall support Link’s publicity and activities beneficial to the Project as far as practicable. The scope of participation shall be determined by Link.


​Grantees must submit two quarterly updates, an interim report and a final report on dates stated in the Grant Agreement.


​Grants may be subject to additional conditions as required by Link at its sole and absolute discretion. 


​Decisions as to the selection of successful applicants and the awarding of grants are subject to Link’s sole and absolute discretion. Link’s decisions on these matters shall be final and conclusive. 


​These Terms and Conditions are subject to Link’s interpretation, which shall be final and conclusive.  


​In the event of dispute, Link reserves the right to make final judgment on the dispute and otherwise in respect of this funding program.  


​In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese version of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.


Confirmation of Terms and Conditions and Proceed to Application 


Our organisation has read and agreed with the above Terms and Conditions, and would like to proceed with the application. (Application open between 3 April and 5pm, 7 May 2018)

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