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"Enrich and support local communities." 
The people that live in the communities we serve are the most affected by our activities. Our properties are an extension of the living rooms of the people living in the communities around us. Communications with local groups/representatives are implemented on all project to help us address our communities’ hopes and concerns and to ensure all environmental law and regulations are followed and that our contractors minimise disruption.  
Over the years, we have gone beyond shaping the communities we serve, by asset enhancement. By actively initiation and supporting sustained outreach programmes through our Link Together Initiatives, we aim to deliver a lasting and positive impact in the communities we serve in - creating greater value.
Our Aspiration
Community Development
Over the years, Link has enriched and supported local communities we serve in, through asset enhancement revitalisation and renovations of our existing portfolio. This is based on 4 objectives: 
1.    Enhancing shopping centre performance
2.    Capitalising on changing district potential
3.    Creating and delivering a consistent brand image
4.    Improving utilisation of internal floor area
By actively initiating and supporting local programmes, Link aims to further our vision of serving and improving the lives of those around us.
· Continue to actively engage and partner with the communities we serve in and increase participation that builds understanding and creates a
  vibrant a place where people can thrive and proposer- hence improving their lives
· Build the capacity of communities, and enhancing employee development, through skilled volunteering initiatives
Enhancing Value in a Dynamic Business Environment 
Asset Enhancement

The revitalised assets provide a better environment for tenants and shoppers and generate strong returns. We also extend the asset enhancement initiatives to fresh markets for a modernised shopping experience to the communities nearby.

We lay the groundwork for asset enhancement initiatives by:

1.    Preparation of project strategy based on business goals and objectives
2.    Assessment of marketability to support the proposed business plan
3.    Development of design options, asset value creation in the context of competition, planning framework and financial viability
4.    Lay our optimisation, improvement of efficiencies in the context of best practice and current legislation, rationalisation of circulation, review of 
       sustainability/energy strategy and enhancing revenue generation
5.    Programme and phasing options and proposals
6.    Risk assessment and mitigating strategies
In 2017/2018, we have completed 14 asset enhancement projects of various sizes and all projects exceeding our 15% return on investment target. Click here for more details. 
Creating Value for Community 
Link Together Initiatives 
Established in 2013, Link Together Initiatives aspire to advance the sustainable development of local communities by offering charitable donation and sponsorship to selected non-profit projects. Since 2013/2014, we have earmarked a total of HK$47million with three focused areas:

· Resources management- support conservation and sustainable development
· Youth Empowerment- help create a better future for youngsters and
· Active Ageing- promote a more inclusive and age-friendly community
Link Together Initiatives has introduced two major categories for this funding cycle:
1.    Major Project Fund.
2.    Link First Generation University Student Scholarship.
Please click here for further details.
Barrier Free Access Update 
Since the announcement of Link’s BFA Improvement Plan in 2012, a total work cost of approximately HK$229 million (excluding AEI projects) has been invested. 175 properties have been fitted with basic BFA facilities (including the divested properties over the years). We have ensured all our properties are Barrier Free Accessible, with the necessary physical enhancement and complies with the Best Practice Principles, standards of Universal Design within the Buildings Department’s Design Manuel: Barrier Free Access 2008, as well as other associated requirements. The enhancement work includes installing tactile guide paths and warning strips, low platform service counters, accessible toilets, Braille layout maps, visual fire alarms, accessible parking bays, ramps and accessible lifts with audio/visual functions. Minor works are carried out (based on requests) when necessary. 

Our corporate website follows the internationally recognised Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). We received the Certificate of Appreciation from the Internet Professional Association as recognition of our effort in ensuring a barrier-free web design and web care features. We also launched an e-learning session to educate and promote the concept of BFA to our staff.
Quantifying Our Value Creation   
Case Study 1: 'Food Angel-Love and Food Sharing’ - Link Fresh Market Surplus Food Donation Project
In 2017/2018, we earmarked approximately HK$9 million to support the organisations serving communities in need under ‘Link Together Initiatives’. We continue to use Total Impact Assessment (TIA), to calculate the impact of “Food Angel-Love and Food Sharing” project. The project aims to collect surplus food from Link’s fresh markets and shopping centres. By collecting data throughout the whole project year, we can quantify its socio-environmental benefits and the value created to the community.
During 2017/2018, around 65.1 tonnes of surplus food was donated from Link’s market tenants, where 325,271 meal boxes were produced. 3.9 tonnes of packaged food were collected from donation boxes at Link’s shopping centres. With the additional values from raising public awareness on environmental protection through recycling seminars and promotional events, the programme has benefited over 336,000 beneficiaries.  As a result, for every HK$1.00 we invested in this project, we generated HK$2.10* of socioenvironmental benefits to the community.
Through qualifying the project values consecutively, we can create and maximise the benefits to the community. This further allows us to improve and develop a platform to share common indicators and financial proxies with our working partners.  
(*): Source from Shenzhen and California Carbon Market Price.



Case Study 2: Valuation of Link REIT’s Total Impact
Link is an early adopter of Integrated Reporting (IR). In order to better support the IR process, we aim to develop an innovative and business relevant approach to “link sustainability with everything we do”, so that "We Link People to a Brighter Future". Beyond the traditional financial metrics for investors and other key stakeholders, we commissioned Trucost to measure Link’s Total Impact from our natural, social and human capital. The study was first kicked-off in December 2015 and we intended to develop a robust management tool within 3 years. This study can assist Link to have a comprehensive understanding of the business relevance sustainability programmes and to inform and improve our business decision-making. It further supports Link’s ESG focused investor targeting strategy with better communication with the investor community. In October 2016, the first tool was completed and is currently under progress of fine-tuning its functions.   
Case Study 3: Link Community Sentiment Index 

We endeavour to understand our customer's profiles, spending patterns, needs and expectations. We started tracking Link Community Index (Link CSI)1 since 2014, to benchmark customer sentiment and spending intentions across individual districts in Hong Kong. After 2015, Link CSI has generally outperformed Hong Kong Consumer Confidence Index (HK CCI)2, which signals the relative confidence of Link's consumers and resilience of the local community. 
[1] Developed based on the methodology of HK CCI. The target respondents are shoppers aged 15 and above Link’s shopping centres, across 16 districts in
     Hong Kong (since Link's divestment in 2018, there are only 15 districts). 
Face to face interviews is conducted per quarter in 20 selected shopping centres
     for 720 samples. Interview period of Link CSI may be different from HK CCI within the quarter.
{2] Developed by the Nielsen Company (Hong Kong) Limited. Target respondents are Hong Kong general consumers who are aged 15 and above.
     Interviews are conducted via online for around 500 samples in each quarter.

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