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Nurturing a High Quality Team of Staff

"Providing a Fair, Equitable and Transparent Work Environment Valuing Work Life Balance and Leadership Development"

Upgrading Our Workforce to Meet New Challenges

Building an agile and innovative team who subscribes to our corporate culture - respect, excellence, integrity and teamwork - strengthens our business competence and enables us to manage tasks with foresight and professionalism. 


Talent Development and Professional Training

At Link, we provide a range of comprehensive training and continuing professional development for our employees. We ensure that the quality of our service continues to evolve while taking updated market requirements into account. Our Talent Development programme offers high-potential staff with continuous professional training tailored to industry needs and provides career development opportunities. For the year under review, a total of 33 staff attended the courses offered under Link Executive Diploma Programme in Shopping Mall Management (total training hours - 2,048 hours), which was designed in collaboration with the Institute of Advanced Executive Education of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The programme covers key aspects that shopping mall executives and managers must comprehend to carry out their job professionally and effectively. Qualified colleagues are eligible to apply for credit transfer at the Department of Building and Real Estate of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University towards an MSc in Construction and Real Estate and Postgraduate Diploma in Construction and Real Estate.


With a commitment to providing training and development opportunities and embracing a culture of internal progression, we aim to build outstanding teams, equipped with expert knowledge and excellent opportunities for long term career progression. We introduced a Buddy Training Programme for Property Management and Operations for newly joined colleagues. Mentors (experienced colleagues) are assigned as buddies to help new joiners integrate seamlessly into the new team and working environment. They are an invaluable and trustworthy source of providing guidance and support. Since the launch of the programme, a lower turnover rate for property management staff has been recorded.


In conjunction with various areas of the business departments, our Learning and Development experts developed tailored programmes to train employees and position them as professional partners to our clients. e-Learning and traditional classroom training are also provided to strengthen the competences of our employees and to prepare talented individuals to assume key roles within the company. During the year under review, classroom trainings were provided to our staff and contractors’ employees including Emergency Response Procedures training, Mystery Shopper Programme Service Training, Barrier Free training, Occupational Health & Safety training, Prevention of Corruption seminar, and Putonghua programme. We have launched an e-Learning courseware on sustainability for all staff. In FY2016/2017, the courseware recorded a total of 163 visits.



Education Sponsorship

Link is committed to staff learning and development. We wish to make a reality of continuing learning and are working towards providing and instilling learning culture that supports and enables all staff to grow and develop with Link. The objective of providing learning and development to staff is to ensure that Link will have available staff with sufficiently high standard of knowledge, skills, abilities and motivation to meet its present and future company objectives. All full-time permanent staff who have completed the probation with satisfactory performance are eligible to apply the sponsorship.  

The total sponsorship hours in FY2016/2017 were 6,435​ hours.

Promoting Development and Evaluating Performance

Talent management is important for capacity building, and Link has provided various trainings to upgrade our workforce and ensure that our staff are well-equipped for new business challenges. In 2016/2017, we organised a total of 280 training and development sessions for our staff, as well as 7,249 hours of training to our contractors and service providers.

The total number of training hours for in-house classroom and e-Learning courses were 20,828 hours, and the average training hours for different employee categories are shown below:

Training Hours.JPG

Competency Framework

The dynamic business environment requires our insight into what skills our future workforce will need to deliver Link’s long term strategy. To ensure our productivity and our overall salary, bonus and other benefits remain competitive, we regularly review our workforce composition, compensation packages and the learning and development programmes to be offered. In 2016/2017, we established the Link Competency Framework which is the foundation of our talent management strategy. Using our Vision, Mission and Values, we have identified the key elements necessary to sustain our growth and success, resulting in a competency framework we expect from our staff, including:

• Analysis and Execution 

• Alignment with Stakeholder Interest 

• Business Orientation 

• Building Team and Collaboration 

• Communication and Impact 

• Change Management 

• Drive and Commitment 

• Developing and Managing Self and Talent 

The framework is integrated across our talent management planning and processes including talent sourcing and acquisition, learning and development, performance management and succession planning .


Our remuneration policy is designed to ensure that Link stays competitively to reward the achievement of sustainable performance, motivate and retain high performing staff.  To achieve this, effective governance of remuneration practices is a fundamental requirement. The Board oversees the governance and implementation of remuneration principles that align to our corporate business strategy.

Link’s remuneration package consists of a basic salary and a discretionary bonus that the payment is based on the individual performance and the overall economic, social and governance performance of the corporate.

​​Health and Safety

At Link, sustainability guides our way of doing business. Together with our service providers and stakeholders, we strive to maintain the highest standards to enhance the health and safety of our employees and the communities.

We provide health, safety and wellness training as well as programmes that proactively manage the health and safety of employees. Our emergency preparedness and response programme helps protect our employees and their surrounding communities.

Engaging and Retaining Our Staff

To engage our staff and promote open communication, we continue to provide various formal and informal networking and communication channels for exchange of ideas, opinions, and information. 

Link introduced the staff corporate blog site -”YourVoice.com”, on the company’s intranet in November 2010, where staff members are encouraged to share their opinions on various topics. 

Regular meetings are held to create an opportunity for different levels of the company to align current priorities and organisational goals. We also encourage regular staff social gatherings such as Annual Dinner, Halloween Party, Christmas Party, and Lunch with New Joiners so they can raise their sense of belonging within the company.

e have maintained a stable workforce that enjoys a balanced work culture and a caring and friendly working environment. Our attrition rate for permanent staff in the year under review was 19.4% while 264 new recruits joined the company. This is once again lower than the industry attrition rate.







Creating Rewarding Experience for Our Staff

Building an agile and innovative team who subscribes to our corporate culture – respect, excellence, integrity and teamwork – strengthens our business competence and enables us to manage risks with foresight and professionalism.

To maintain our productivity and ensure that our overall salary, bonus and other benefits remain competitive, we regularly review our workforce composition, compensation package and the learning and development programmes for staff.  

Employee Unit Purchase Plan

The Employee Unit Purchase Plan (“EUPP”), was introduced in July 2012, allows eligible staff to be Link’s Unitholders, from which employees turn themselves into the Unithol ders . For FY 2016/2017, the total instalment amount was around HK$14 million, making purchases for about 260,000 units with Link subsidizing about HK$2 million.

Measuring Employee Engagement

We understand that many aspects of work environment matter to our employees: tools and training to perform their jobs, support to develop their careers, health and well-being, and being recognised and awarded when they do well. That is why we ask employees for their opinion and measure their engagement through regular staff surveys. We can then act on the results – to build an even better place to work for our employees.

To measure our engagement, we conduct focus group meetings with our staff to gather comments on various company initiatives. The results are communicated to senior management responsible for key employee areas such as talent management, compensation and benefits for action and process improvement.

Family Friendly Leave

As a responsible employer, we target to ensure that our employment terms and conditions allow individuals to maintain work life balance. This includes a five-day work week, a good basic vacation provision and arrangement of special paid leave days. We have taken the lead in introducing family friendly leave benefits for all eligible staff including full pay for birthday leave, compassionate leave, parental leave and marriage leave. The total number of days taken for family friendly leave days for FY2016/2017 was 2,024.5 days.


Caring Room

Link is progressing in our quest to become an employer of choice and we are committed to building a family friendly working environment that aligns with the work life balance philosophy. We understand that work life balance initiative is a fundamental strategy to enhance staff satisfaction, performance, commitment, and retention. Link’s first Caring Room which is located at our two offices in Kwun Tong was opened in November 2014.  Equipped with a refrigerator and microwave oven, this hygienic private lactation space was designed to meet the needs of working mothers. It hopes to decrease absenteeism rates by providing our working mother colleagues with a cosy and hygienic place that resolves issues created by open space work environments that are not conducive to the privacy required for working mothers. 


Please click here for our people management guidelines and handbook.

Code of Conduct

Link's 'Code of Conduct' provides guidance to all of our staff. This outlines a clear set of appropriate behaviour guidelines with examples for reference by staff, in particular to those who supervise or deal with consultants, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, service providers and tenants of the shopping centre and car parks under Link's management. 

Whistle Blowing Policy

Link's 'Whistle Blowing Policy' aims to provide a clear procedure and a trusted avenue so that all of our staff members will feel confident in reporting concerns or irregularities, malpractice or impropriety in the workplace in good faith, without fear that they will be penalised, discriminated or dismissed. 

Escalation Policy and Procedures for Compliance Exceptions

Our 'Escalation Policy and Procedures for Compliance Exceptions', is an established protocol that our all staff are required to follow with respect to the notification to be made in the event that potential, alleged, or actual non-compliances of applicable laws and regulations are identified, or when any significant incident that exposes Link REIT to reputational risk are projected.   ​​

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