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Barrier Free Access Corner


Barrier Free Access 

We are pleased to announce that as at 31 March 2017, Link completed its Barrier Free Accessibility programme, having invested a total of HK$211 million since 2012 to ensure our properties are barrier-free accessible with the necessary physical enhancements. Link’s collaborative and holistic approach to provide a better environment for the community enables us to design initiatives that support our commitment to serve and improve the lives of those around us.  As a pioneer amongst real estate investors and managers in Hong Kong, Link promotes barrier-free access facilities that go beyond the minimum in building codes. We invest significant resources in installing and operating such facilities at the properties under our management. Over time, this work shapes the community environment providing a more inclusive society and enables those with mobility needs to enjoy a pleasant retail experience. This brings wider benefit to both customers and visitors to our properties.

Link’s dedication to building a barrier-free environment is widely recognised by local rehabilitation groups. Allen Kam-yuen Chan, Chairperson of the Rehabilitation Policy Sub-committee of the Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth, appreciates Link’s efforts, saying, “Link has always focused on the needs of people with disabilities. Through regular meetings of its Access Advisory Group, Link gathers views and opinions from the rehabilitation organisations in Hong Kong on the best practicable solutions for BFA improvements. Link’s continued commitment to corporate social responsibility is evident with such efforts to enhance services for people with disabilities.”
Since announcement of Link’s BFA Improvement Plan at a total workcost of approximately HK$211 million in early 2011, 175 properties have been fitted with basic BFA facilities (including the divested properties over the years). The Plan follows the Best Practicable Principle, standards of Universal Design within the Buildings Department’s Design Manual: Barrier Free Access 2008 as well as other associated requirements. 


Progress of Barrier Free Access Facilities Improvement Works (31 March 2017) 


Barrier Free Access (BFA) Community

Link provides a series of measures to enrich the knowledge and know-how of its frontline staff when engaging and assisting people with disabilities and the elderly.  In addition to on-going training and its own Barrier-free Access Mystery Shoppers Assessment Programme, Link provides extensive staff service guidelines. Supplementary facilities, such as the use of the loop system and sign language cue cards are provided at Link’s shopping malls as a specialised customer service for those with hearing impairments.


Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth received a funding of $800,000 from Link Together Initiatives to organise a series of BFA training workshops and roving exhibition at Link’s properties to raise public awareness of the importance of BFA facilities to people with disability and to the elderly.
A signature event  Barrier-“Fu”ree Adventure Day 2016 was held at Lok Fu Place on 8 October. A total of 32 participating teams, formed by able and disabled persons, were given tasks at checkpoints to experience BFA facilities use and to tackle the daily challenges faced by people with disabilities within a given timeframe. Secretary for Labour and Welfare Matthew Cheung Kin-chung and Chairperson of Equal Opportunities Commission Alfred Chan Cheung-ming were the officiating guests and joined the VIP Experience Tour.
The event, with BFA-related game booths and a checkpoint adventure challenge, attracted over 2,000 participants.  Most of the visitors expressed that the event enabled them to have a better knowledge of the BFA facilities and bring the deeper understanding of the value of these facilities to the people with disabilities. ​

BFA Recognition and Awards


Awards on BFA Facilities


International Recognitions

Link invited Mr Allen Kong, Australian architect and member of the International Union of Architects (UIA) Region IV, and Mr Michael Fox, member of Rehabilitation International (RI), to assess the BFA facilities at Link’s properties based on the requirements of the Design Manual – Barrier Free Access 2008 formulated by the Buildings Department of the HKSAR Government. Both UIA’s task force for ‘Architecture for All’ and the RI highly commended Link’s efforts and commitment to creating a highly responsive and socially inclusive environment for the Hong Kong community.


Barrier-free Companies / Organisations

Link is included in the List of Barrier-free Companies / Organisations 2014 and 2015 under The Hong Kong Council of Social Service’s Caring Company’s Scheme in recognition of Link’s efforts for proactive support and the creation of a barrier-free environment and culture. Forty-nine Link properties have passed the BFA audit and assessment conducted by the rehabilitation organisations commissioned by the Council.


Barrier-free Facilities Caring Award

Link won the Barrier-free Facilities Caring Award organised by The People of Fortitude • International Mutual-aid Association for the Disabled in 2014. This award recognises companies for efforts made in improving barrier-free facilities and is a testament to Link’s strong contribution in this field.


Harmony Award for Barrier-free Facilities

Link was awarded the Harmony Award for its barrier-free facilities by The Sai Kung District Council and the Direction Association for the Handicapped in the ‘Sai Kung Barrier-free Inspection Programme 2012-13’.


Awards on Web Access


Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme Awards

Link’s customer website has won awards over three consecutive years from 2014 to 2016 in the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme.  Jointly organized by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) and the Equal Opportunities Commission, Link received the Gold Award in 2015 and Silver Awards in 2014 and 2016. Link’s corporate website also won the Silver Award in 2013.
The Scheme encourages the adoption of web accessibility to facilitate access to online information and services by all segments of the community, including people with disabilities. 



Web Care Award 2011-13

Link’s corporate website was awarded the Jade Award of the Web Care Award 2011-13, organised by the Internet Professional Association in February 2013. This award recognises Link’s dedication and efforts in building a barrier- free website for stakeholders with different needs.
Following its revamp in June 2011, our corporate website adopted a large number of accessibility features, including providing a meaningful text alternative for non-text contents. This allows all operations to be performed through a keyboard interface and provides clear and informative links.
Web Care Award 2011-12




5 Dec 2015

Link Barrier Free Shopping Centre Orienteering 2015


14 May 2011

Eden Trio Choir Stage Performance at Lok Fu Plaza


19 Jan 2011

Press Conference on Upgrading of Barrier Free Access Facilities




Accessible Lift


Accessible Parking Space


Accessible Service Counter 201605_BFA_AccessibleServiceCounter_thumb.jpg
Accessible Toilet 201605_BFA_AccessibleToilet_thumb.jpg
Braille & Tactile Floor Plan 201605_BFA_BrailleFloorPlan_thumb.jpg
​Ramp 201605_BFA_Ramp_thumb.jpg
Tactile Guide Path 201605_BFA_TactileGuidePath_thumb.jpg
Visual Fire Alarm 201605_BFA_VisualFireAlarm_thumb.jpg


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