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People Management

Link Management Guidelines
Link believes in building a culture with serving people as a core value. We have been working hard in becoming an employer of choice. By that we mean:
Creating a working environment with strong respect for people
Coordinating numerous after work activities for our people to enhance work life balance
Offering free 24-hour hotline counselling service for our people and their immediate families
Promoting from within as much as possible to enhance career development opportunities
Allowing our people to speak up through an intranet portal
Continuously reviewing our benefits program to ensure that we are an industry leader
To provide clear guidance for our people and to remind them of how to work with and manage people, we hung the following posters in all our offices:
Management Standards
Learn to Listen, listen to learn.
Proactively approach our people, understand their needs.
We encourage questioning with an open mind.
Serve & care
Serving & caring attitude.
Support & empower our people, enable them.
Respect & Trust
Respect builds trust.
Trust people at all levels with respect and dignity.
Manage Performance
Set clear objectives and ensure your people understand your expectations.
Give candid & timely feedback.
Coach, don't blame. Recognize & reward accordingly.
Train & Develop
Help people reach their potentials
Lead by Example
Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.
Be humble and willing to improve.
Encourage teamwork throughout the organization.
Select the Right People for the Right Jobs
Know your people and place them accordingly.
Link Handbook
We Value
Customer Focus
Respect & Accommodating
Team Spirit
Take Ownership
Being Proactive
Strive for Excellence
We Disdain
Passing the Buck
Finger Pointing
Bad Mouthing
Spreading False Rumours
Any Form of Discrimination 
People Management
Performance Management System
Both KPIs and core values (Respect, Excellence, Integrity and Teamwork) form the key evaluation criteria of our appraisal system.
Everyone of our people have the right to appeal their appraisal rating and there is an established and protected process to get this done should the occasion arise.
Performance Improvement Plan
Established process to communicate management feedback and improve performance of our people.
People Diversity 
Staff Profile
As of 31 March 2018, our headcount remained a stable 880 employees.
In total, our workforce is 50% female. The gender mix is quite evenly split between male and female. 4 of our 13 members of the Management Team and 4 of our 13 members of the Board of Directors are female.
Our employees are spread relatively evenly across age groups between 20 and 50, reflecting general employment trends in Hong Kong.
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