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People Engagement


Annual VMV Survey
We ask our people to rate us annually on how we have performed as an organization in relation to our VMV (Vision, Mission, Value) statements. In addition, our people also rank all departments in terms of how they have “walked the talk” regarding our Values – Respect, Excellence, Integrity and Teamwork.
Participation of the VMV Survey is on a volunteer, no-name basis and the surveys are generally well-participated by both management, rank and file.
Work Life Balance Programmes
We believe that people are more productive when they maintain a healthy work life balance. In walking the talk, we have provided the following support programmes:
Employee Assistance Hotline

Counselling hotline for our people and their families


Staff Club

Numerous activities including fitness classes, weekend parent and children activities, etc.


Sports activities

Annual dragon boat events, bi-monthly bowling activities, etc.


Volunteer services

Once a quarter, we take our people to serve the less fortunate which in turn remind all of us how fortunate we are.



Ownership - Employee Unit Purchase Plan

We subsidize and support our people to become unit holders and owners of Link REIT.
We have an online chat room for our people to share work/life experience, views and ask management questions on policy, practices, etc.
Parent and child at an art jamming activity at our Staff Club
Family art jamming activity at Staff Club
Our Dragon Boat Team at a competition
Our Dragon Boat team
Our staff volunteer and a happy elderly at an elderly visit activity
Volunteer visit at an elderly centre
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